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In SAAAME markets, the big rise is in life cover, with sales of retirement products growing less quickly.The License Appeal Tribunal and the Future of Car Insurance.

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FICO’s "Safe Driving Score" and the Future of Auto Insurance

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The certainties and demands that have shaped tax management over the past 30 years are being swept aside.Now the company has partnered with Guild to create a new kind of commercial auto insurance that it says can offer much better pricing than existing types.News YIPT autonomous vehicles panel addresses product liability, future need for personal auto insurance.

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Many life and pensions businesses are scrambling to keep pace with the increasing impact of digital in their marketplace.

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Hello All, I wanted to pose the topic around the future of Insurance Agents.A combination of more informed risk management and use of automation to lower costs would allow your business to provide policies offering secure returns at reasonable premiums under a risk-based capital regime.

Regulatory insistence on greater transparency will make it easier to compare prices and value.

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The emergence of virtual networks, multichannel interaction and direct-to consumer life insurance is fragmenting the value chain.Insurers will need to develop an agile operating model capable of dealing with the different trajectories of growth.The challenge is how to channel the data into actionable insights and build the results into decision making, product design and the underlying culture of the business.

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YIPT autonomous vehicles panel addresses product liability

Many reinsurers are focusing on the short term challenges of soft rates and low investment returns.Automotive retail in the future. particularly insurance companies, auto finance.As smartphones, iPads and other such versatile mobile devices proliferate, they also want to be able to conduct business when they want, where they want and on the channel of their choice.Driverless cars could mean a huge downsizing of the auto insurance industry, as the frequency of accidents declines and liability shifts from the driver to.

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Future Of Auto Insurance In 2003, The Report On Domestic Violence In Colorado Interviewed 189 Cases Of Domestic Abductions.Extracting profiling data from all of the unstructured purchasing, social media and other digital trails people leave behind would allow insurers to gain unprecedented insights into their health, wealth and behaviour.Daniel Khazzoom Discussion Paper 98-13-REV February 1998, Revised February 2000 1616 P Street, NW Washington, DC 20036.

Most personal auto insurance policies are rated on factors such as driving record, vehicle type, place of garaging and, in some states, credit score.

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If you work in insurance, this should be the only article you read on the future of social media.

The mature economies of Europe and North America are moving towards recovery, while the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America continue to grow.

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Dealing with the STEEP dynamics calls for a major rethink of strategic assumptions, routes to market and organisational models, with the ability to look outside-in on your business.


It will also be important to support the development of insurance markets, including investment in professional training and educating consumers about the value of life and pension cover and how it works.Five golden rules for a high performing culture in the insurance industry.

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Our extensive research reviews the sweeping changes across social, technological, environmental, economic and political (STEEP) perspectives, providing the knowledge to evaluate scenarios of maximum relevance to insurers.

Developments such as the caps on fees in India and the planned elimination of commissions for advisers in the UK are going to bring charges and the value policyholders receive in return further into the spotlight.Demand for retirement solutions in mature markets is increasing, but life cover sales as a proportion of GDP in a number of major developed markets including the US are declining (Source: Swiss Re Sigma World Insurance).I believe the future of independent insurance agencies is at a tipping point.Organisational culture can sometimes seem like an afterthought when there are so many economic, structural and market challenges to contend with.

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