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My Progressive Auto Insurance - Find the best car insurance deals from insurance providers with high reputations and good customer service.I had an accident in which my mast was bent and they turned it down.

Welcome to, available exclusively for Progressive agents.Thankfully I have overdraft protection, but they still will not reimburse me the fees their mistake caused.I was recently looking into purchasing a new car, and was a Progressive client at that time.

Insurance Auto Glass Claims for Windshield Only Damage: If the only damaged part to your vehicle is your windshield, the Florida Statute described above ensures that, regardless of your Comprehensive Deductible, you do not have to pay any out-of-pocket amounts to get your windshield repaired or replaced.Worst insurance company ever. my dad hit a rock with his Harley and progressive said they would pay for whatever was needed to fix it. well the place we took it to.

Progressive home insurance does not offer some common coverage options and discounts, which may be a deal breaker for some. However,.BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- February 12th 2007 a man willfully ran a red light in Baton Rouge and ran into our car.

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I want all this over with, but I refuse to be taken advantage of.For the last year every time I tried to login to their website it was down for maintenance so I would have to waste ten minutes online for simple things.

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Typically a car insurance reinstatement comes after your policy has lapsed due to not making your payment on time.Customers who have Comprehensive Coverage in the state of Florida are not liable to pay for any expenses related to windshield repairs or replacements.How do I file a Progressive Auto Glass Claim directly with Progressive.

My Progressive auto policy is up for renewal and I noticed the cost went up.Insurance renewals are an important part of the car insurance process.

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But what I mean from that is only smart (or lucky) people make it big financially.I have had headaches and sometime migraines almost every day since the accident.The irony being I paid the collection agency online as their systems worked.Unfortunately, Progressive Auto Insurance is known for raising its rates on unsuspecting long-term customers.

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